A2. Identity Design Part II

Branding Myself

This week, I refined my design. I knew that I wanted to experiment more with colors, and I got feedback saying that people liked the fill version better than the outlined version, so I went with the fill. I then used this color generator to find some fun colors for my design. These were some of my experiments:

I didn’t like the dark background, and I couldn’t choose between the three other color variations, so I asked my friends what they thought. They ended up choosing green because they felt that green best represented my “vibe” and that I reminded them of spring (which was really sweet).

In the above example, I already have the type chosen. Funnily enough the way I discovered the type was through a TikTok I saw earlier this week where a girl was going through her current favorite fonts. It’s called Milky Nice. and what I liked about it was its playful character and its roundness. I think that it compliments the logo quite nicely for those reasons.

After I chose this version, I went to work on my brand sheet. I had never made a brand sheet before, so I was a bit overwhelmed at the process. I first had attempted to lay it all out as I brought in the assets. But then, I decided to wait until I had all of the assets next to my artboard so I could move them around more freely. This made it a lot less overwhelming for me. I chose a light green background because one of my two colors for my brand design is pure white and it wouldn’t show up obviously on a white background. Also, because my logo is monochromatic, I didn’t know what to do for the “full color” version because it is both monochromatic and in full color at the same time. So I just did one in black and white. I also added white stripes on the borders to draw the eye in to the logos, instead of focusing on the massive amounts of white space. Here is my brand sheet:

Then I moved on to putting my brand on different substrates. I tried really hard to do them on my own, but the only one that worked out with the tutorials I watched was the facemask. The other two — the mug and the canvas bag — I found free mockups online for. For whatever reason Photoshop kept pixelating the hell out of my logo when I did it myself, so I gave up. Here are my three mockups:

Overall, I really enjoyed this process. This is the first logo that I’ve made that I’m really proud of, and I love how it looks on the different substrates! I look forward to hearing feedback in class.




Katelynn Browne is a current graduate student at NYU who specializes in user experience design with interests around social change.

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Katelynn Browne

Katelynn Browne

Katelynn Browne is a current graduate student at NYU who specializes in user experience design with interests around social change.

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